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It’s the “Grooby Girls Tattoos”. If you haven’t received your “Grooby Girls” temporary tattoos with your t-shirt, models can request them from otherwise for non-models, they’re available to buy at The Grooby Store for only $3 for a pack of 5.

We’ll be doing monthly tattoo competitions so get your tatts on, your cameras out and start showing!

T-shirt competition – How did we forget Jamie French?

Jamie sent her t-shirt pics over Facebook and I forgot to download them … she was actually one of the first to respond. If you don’t know Jamie, you should start by checking out her website at

Jamie’s always got some great creativity orbiting her.


Get Jamie on Twitter at
Find Jamie on Facebook at

See her awesome site at


Grooby Girl Tattoos

Grooby Girls TATTOO - Final

Are you ready for your Grooby Girl Tattoo?

t’s time! Whether you want it as a tramp stamp, on your left, arm or under a breast – sporting a Grooby Girls tattoo makes you stand out from the rest as a classy individual.