Alyssa Autumns , New Model

Alyssa Autumns is a brand new model from the Pacific NorthWest. Alyssa will be debuting in a special edition of Radius Dark models from that area, in the end of October… so these few pics will have to satiate you for now.  Watch this space!

Storm Waverly , New Black Model

Storm Waverly thundered into the studio, demanding that she be allowed to jack her big dick on camera. Buddy Wood came out from under the table, and set up his camera. Not knowing where he’d met her, or who she was- but he doesn’t let an opportunity for a hot, black newbie in his studio go by! See Storm soon on

Shana Knox , New Model

Another girl who first featured on Femout.XXX and was received so well, that since she’s developed further we’re trying to get her back into the studio for shoots for Shemale Yum. In her own words:
“Hi there! I’m Shana Knox, a typical college lady with a girldick, living the big city dream after a childhood spent in a small town that time forgot. I use to be extremely shy, now I’m an outgoing lil’ kitty. I love film, music, writing, dancing, raving, gloving/flow arts(I’m kind of known round’ these parts for my gloving), photography, downplaying my vanity & hipsterdom, making cis friends, cultivating an ever evolving fashion sense, wandering every weird crevice my lovely city has to offer, making ambient soundscapes, self-induced chores, living entirely on my own, & for myself. But thats not to say I don’t spend lots of time serving my partners. i am a total subby after all!”

Ava Monroe , New Yum Model

Buddy Wood has been scouting his neighborhood once again looking for the hottest chicks to photograph- and this time he found Ava Monroe! This was the first time Ava had been photographed for adult website and she was very excited if just a little bit nervous. Her debut set will be appearing soon on Shemale Yum and Ava becomes about the 15th model to have the name ‘Monroe’ on that site.. so Mama and Papa Monroe are squeezing out a lot of tgirl babies!

Kimberly Stone , New Black Model

Another dark skinned beauty from the lens of Jack Flash who made an awesome debut in September on! Kimberly Stone hails from Baltimore, and was visiting Miami’s nightlife scene when Jack Flash swooped in.
Kimberly says she likes a lot of things, but loves to fuck the most! She is versatile and enjoys a nice pink ass and a hard cock. Kimberly was relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera… I’m sure we will be seeing more of her in the future.