The “Grooby Girls” Tshirt is here (as well as the “I Love Grooby Girls”).


Got one?

Want one?

Want to know what to do with it?

This is the brand new Grooby Girls tshirt.  We’ve a limited stock although depending on demand, may reorder.   Not only is this an awesome looking shirt … it’s a way to show off that you’re a Grooby Girl – and for the guys, the “I Love Grooby Girls” tshirt has to be a way to show, that you are part of an exclusive club … you’re IN and OUT!

How do I get a “Grooby Girls” T-shirt?

If you’d responded to our Facebook post, you may have received a t-shirt by now.  New models should be able to get one from their photographer at their next shoot, or they can contact with their model name, legal name and address and t-shirt size (they’re slightly on the small side) and she’ll get one out to you.   If anyone else wishes to purchase one, we’re going to be offering them for sale for only $12.99 Grooby Store – HOWEVER – enter the competition for three months or more … and we’ll refund you the cost of the shirt!

The “Grooby Girls” T-shirt Competition!

Ready to get snapping?  We’re going to run a monthly competition for the best t-shirt photo.   It could be a selfie or shot by a friend of professional, it could be sexy, funny or just downright dirty, it could be in the comfort of your home – or how about at a famous landmark (or with a famous face?).  What it needs to have is the t-shirt logo to be fully readable.   Send in your photos to Grooby Girls with any text including your name, that you’d want with it. We’ll post them in the order they go up and on the 1st of each month, will choose a winner who will receive $100 Amazon gift card and a runner up for a $25 gift card. We may even throw some other prizes in future competitions.
You can enter as many times as you wish, this competition will run each month. Please read the photograph submission information from the link above, before you send.